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Growing businesses looking for a more effective way to manage their warehouse operations are turning to the practical skills and know-how of the logistics experts at Walkerpack.

The Northampton-based business is working with a growing number of company management teams who recognise the value of making the best use of their time through outsourcing.

Walkerpack’s expertise means they can bring an on-site team to handle the warehouse operations while the client retains control.

“Owners and management teams can be wary of allowing a company on site, but we find our services add value to the business and reduce overheads and operational risks,” said Sales Director Steve Tiley at the Brackmills-based logistics firm.

“There is a real risk that people can get swamped in administrative tasks so our service can be a real lifeline. We're here so people can get away from all the boxes, tape, and labels and back to doing what really matters in the business.”

The warehouse team are employed by Walkerpack which can make a significant impact on overheads and improve cash flow, and Walkerpack will develop a continuous improvement strategy which will be at the heart of the close relationship with our clients. Reduced touches, quicker turn around and improved accuracy are just some of the benefits that you can expect to see.

Steve said: “The strategy gives businesses access to Walkerpack’s expertise and our ongoing investment including experienced teams and IT solutions. When people start a business they don’t normally intend to manage a warehouse but they end up doing this and it distracts them from their main activities.”

To find out more about how the service can work for your business contact Steve Tiley at Walkerpack. Telephone 01604 760529 or see the website at

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