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"The Technicover team are focused on delivering high quality products for all our customers and would be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail."



"A simple & affordable solution to protecting small & valuable parts, such as keys & documents."

Velcro sealed pouches with sizes ranging from 50mm by 50mm to 200mm by 400mm. Made using our PVC material which has been high frequency welded to create a secure pouch.

Multiple Size PVC Velcro Sealed Pouches


"We are capable of manufacturing all different size parts that can help provide you with simple quick solutions to your problems."


"No matter how old the bag, we will always survey the damage and provide you with the very best solution & repair service required."

Any repairs larger than 5cm we always recommend contacting Technicover and organising a repair.

"We received an urgent request for an MVP bag repair at London Heathrow. The customer urgently needed to despatch there part without any delay, so a team was sent to repair the bag the very next day."

MVP Bag On-Site Repair

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"Our PVC protective bags are ideal for long-term outdoor storage when combined with dehumidifiers. The sealed bag perfectly protects the parts from all conditions while the dehumidifier protects the inside from any build up of moisture."

Long-term Outdoor Storage Bags


One dehumidifier per bag used to protect against moisture 

Full 2-Track PVC closure for a air tight seal


 5 Padded propeller blade covers utilising 30mm mediam density foam

Designed to fit tightly to the propeller


Supermarine Spitfire PR.XIX

"This aircraft flew operationally with the RAF, carrying out vital photo reconnaissance missions in April and May 1945."

"The protective propeller cover was manufactured by hand, and designed to tailor fit this specific propeller blade. The cover can be easily slid into place and held in place by secure velcro flaps."