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Case Studies

Technicover have worked with many organisations of all sizes to develop customised protection products to meet their needs and the needs of their customers and partners. Here are a couple of examples of what was developed.

MCBA Monolith Containment Bag Assembly

Technicover was approached by representatives of the British nuclear industry. The brief was to design a solution to contain potentially contaminated air released from a concrete monolith (silo) during an internal inspection. Technicover's reputation for designing a high-quality product to exacting industry standards is essential when working in industries like nuclear, where required standards are extremely high.

The resulting design proposal incorporated a transparent tunnel to be attached and sealed to the monolith wall, approximately 4 metres wide x 3 metres high, which could concertina between a closed position of 0.3 m and extend to 2.8 metres. An integral inner tunnel facilitates the removal of a section of the monolith wall.

The successful design has resulted in a build program and supply of three assemblies to date, current production instructions and a projection for additional assemblies to be realised in the immediate future. Techniover are also looking into other opportunities in the nuclear industry as a result of successful innovation and initial production.

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