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Sports and Leisure Products

Technicover specialises in helping with the development of custom sports and leisure products, not catered for in the mass market. Specialised products such as pole vault and high jump mats, padding for stables, scrum trainers and rowing equipment have all been manufactured by Technicover for many years.

Customised Pads and Crash Mats

AA constant feature of most training set-ups for almost all sports are crash mats and pads of all shapes sizes needing to be customised for different levels of impact and to provide different levels of protection. Technicover have manufactured many crash mats to custom design and specifications. As well as customising the product itself, we can also design custom mounting and securing points, incorporate your club logos and manufacture in your club colours.

Active in the Local Community

A long association with Northampton Saints Rugby, amongst many other local clubs of all sizes, has given Technicover a tremendous interest in and involvement in sports in the local community. We have developed products to assist with horse racing, rowing, golf and many other sports. Talk to us about your specific requirements when you find that mass-market products don't fit your needs.

Develop Your Product With Us

With a combination of enthusiastic staff, design expertise, knowledge and experience, Technicover are the perfect partner when developing the training equipment necessary to compete in modern sports. While our experience of previous design tasks is broad, we are always looking for new partners to develop new products. Whatever product you wish to develop, Technicover can assist you with design , development and manufacture, with an attitude to collaboration and customised solutions not found with many of our competitors.

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