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Heritage and Vintage Protection Products

With air shows, vintage car rallies and motor sports amongst the most popular and most attended events in the UK, a large industry of enthusiasts, charities, small organisations and teams has developed. Technicover supports these teams and groups by providing the exact product necessary for the transport, storage and preservation of these often priceless one-off items.

Warbird, Sports and Vintage Aircraft Protection

Air shows are now the second most attended outdoor activity in the UK and a resurgence of interest with many new anniversaries, means the Warbird industry has never been busier. As experts in protecting aerospace products Technicover work with more and more of the people protecting our heritage and supplying entertainment and education to thousands. Our design team and enthusiastic representatives are always happy to work with new and challenging opportunities to supply products that protect everything from a Merlin engine, to a Rotol propeller, to intake and canopy covers and the thousands of other valuable parts that make up a vintage aircraft.

Motor Sports and Vintage Cars

Equally deserving of protection are the thousands of vintage and veteran cars, as well as sports cars and supercars, that are operated from the UK. Whether looking for a custom storage bag and case for a V8 engine, or an entire case for shipping a vehicle overseas, we can assist you in locating or designing the perfect product to protect your vehicle as it is transported or stored, and also to preserve your spare parts for when they are required to keep your vehicle on the road, or track!

Canal and River Boats

Britain has some of the most picturesque and pleasant waterways in Europe, and so supports a very strong industry of canal and river boats, both for rental and maintenance. Technicover are keen to work with this industry to design and manufacture protective products. Our experience of keeping items protected dry and safe from the elements enables us to manufacture everything from protective cases and covers for equipment being transported by river, to protection for an entire boat. If you happen to find the next Mary Rose, we would love to be involved!

Develop Your Product With Us

Customised, reliable, high performance protective products are what Technicover do, so if your valuable vehicle, product or valuables need protection that meets the most rigorous specifications in the aerospace, automotive and energy industries, then get in touch. We will work closely with you to develop the perfect product for your needs.

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