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Energy and Healthcare Protection Products

Technicover works with the Energy and Healthcare industries developing and often innovating in designing products to meet specific needs not catered for elsewhere.


Technicover has worked with several partners developing containment tents and customised treatment areas for decontamination units and disaster response teams, now part of the make-up of every emergency service nationwide. These cost effective and custom designed structures continue to be manufactured and maintained by Technicover as one of many customised products that Technicover design and support for both private and public sector organisations throughout the UK.

The nature of the PVC materials and our manufacturing techniques lend themselves very well to being used in the construction of custom tents and temporary structures, which can be sealed, fitted with custom connections and labelled with instructions, logos or directions. In addition we can manufacture in any of many colours allowing for colour coding and quick location retrieval in an emergency situation.

Energy and Nuclear Industries

Technicover has developed several customised products to support maintenance within the very demanding Nuclear Power industry. As well as requiring an innovative approach to design and high standards of manufacturing, the very high quality standards that Technicover work to with our ISO 9000 accreditation are essential within this industry.

Design Your Product With Us

As the elements that affect engineered parts, documents, equipment and other products are common, the design expertise and quality required to protect them are also common and this allows tremendous flexibility in the ways that Technicover can assist in designing and manufacturing a protective product for your needs. Whatever the product, we can design a custom solution to protect it for storage, transport or archiving. Call us now to discuss the custom designed protective product you require.

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