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Aerospace and Powerplant Protection Products

Modern powerplant technology is designed to rigorous standards for both durability, energy efficiency and capability requiring storage and transportation under carefully controlled conditions to ensure optimum servicing and operation. Technicover are experts in producing special custom protection products, using PVC, foil and other flexible materials as well as cases, plastic containers and packages to product both power plants and their associated components.

Protecting Aircraft Engines

Technicover is the primary supplier of PVC protective products for Rolls Royce, covering all their engines both civil and military. We provide a wide range of custom designs to protect Rolls Royce's extremely successful Trent engine series, Technicover products being a common site in the service areas of airports worldwide. We have also supplied products to the other major engine manufacturers throughout the World, and are the UK market leader.

Our standard product range includes Water Vapour Resistant (WVR) covers totally hermetically sealed for storage, simple drop-over covers for transport, and protection for components and kits of parts. Technicover products have passed the most demanding tests of our customers to become a very effective and essential part of the storage and servicing regime of service providers, airlines and engine manufacturers worldwide.

Military Aircraft Support

Technicover have worked on numerous projects for military forces worldwide, including creating custom products for the Apache Attack Helicopter, Puma and Harrier, protective bags for military aircraft engines and missiles, and also general purpose pallet covers for storage of parts and equipment.

As the highest standards of quality, performance and specification are required by military projects, Technicover are a perfect partner to provide protective products for anything you may be supplying to military specifications worldwide.

Marine Powerplant Protection

Our design and manufacturing techniques enable us to create protection products for all varieties of power plants. This includes marine gas turbines, diesel engines and even entire transformers, alternators or other energy equipment. Technicover can design and produce a protection product that will meet your exacting specifications. We are able to maintain our products and also customise them to include pockets for desiccant, operating instructions and your business logos.

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